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2013-04-14 - New Apps

New versions for Android, iOS and webOS. Look in the store after 3D Tet
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position, you can mouseclick for default position 



next piece


rotate x - axis


rotate y - axis


rotate z - axis


to front


to left


to right


to back

space key
or right

the piece go directly to bottom

3D Tetris Version 4.1.0
You must activate java in your browser and then you start again. If you don't hava java on your computer, you can download the actual version here.


The goal of the game

The goal of the game is to complete a layer with blocks without gap
which will cause the layer to disappear. With ongoing time this will
become more and more difficult as the speed with wich the blocks fall
will increase. After you achieved to complete 5 layers, the game level
and hence the speed gets raised by one but by the same time the scoring
per completed layer gets raised too. The scores are calculated from the
number of blocks the number of completed layers and the game level. The
game ends when your building touches the ceiling so that no more blocks
can fall in. At the end of the game you get the opportunity to put your
name on the » highscore list.

2009-06-25 04:32

the current game is 3 by 3. would it be able to make the base of the grid 4 by 4?


2008-10-24 14:05
Peter kim

Thanks Very much


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